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Sweet, Spicy

This naughty little surprise juxtaposes the sweetness of voluptuous Vanilla and supple Honey with the mischievous spice of Red Pepper and Cinnamon.  But come as no surprise, Noel Au Balcon, or ‘Christmas on the Balcony’, will land you on Santa’s naughty list.



This girl is a gift for well-behaved men. The one who bursts into a party and suddenly makes you want to believe in Santa Claus. Half way between a flirtatious temptress and a dancing queen, the temperature rises just by her presence. To hell with “global warming”! She’s here to have fun, no matter what. Heavenly lightness in December... Sweet honey notes at the start lie on a vanilla-tangerine accord and all at once life becomes as captivating as the fullness of her décolleté. It’s soft and warm, notes swirl and dance, and the world starts spinning, like a faceted mirror ball, marvel of all marvels.

In the heart, red pepper mingles with nigella in a detonating cocktail of scents. Hot red lips adorn a lavishly extraverted smile. Breathtaking! The slightly musky, solar accord of the base speaks of the radiant warmness of her skin under her laughing throat. She calls for her after-midnight man, the one who will abduct her under the Xmas tree. And who will jealously sweep her off her feet and into his room, like a child would with his most precious present.


Honey, tangerine, vanilla, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, nigella, red pepper, apricot, patchouli, solar musked accord

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