The (Almost) Complete Collection
The (Almost) Complete Collection
The (Almost) Complete Collection

The (Almost) Complete Collection

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What better way to discover Etat Libre d’Orange than to sample (almost) the entire collection of fragrances?

Here’s what you get:

• 20 x vial samples for $39.00

• A complete guide to all the fragrances from our collection

• Discount to apply towards your full size fragrance purchase

• Free shipping on this product in Continental USA only

The exact composition of the discovery kit is subject to change and duplicate scents at any time without prior notice. Every order is guaranteed 20 vials in quantity. Vial size varies (1.5ml to 2ml in volume).


This kit includes our latest fragrance, She Was An Anomaly, bestsellers, I Am Trash, Remarkable People, and our award-winning spicy fragrance, Une Amourette.

Included Fragrances (20 x vial samples): Attaquer le Soleil Marquis de Sade, Bijou Romantique, Cologne, Dangerous Complicity, Eau de Protection Rossy de Palma, Fat Electrician, I Am Trash, Jasmin et Cigarette, Je Suis Un Homme, Like This, Putain des Palaces, Remarkable People, Rien, Rien Intense Incense, She was an Anomaly, Tom of Finland, True Lust, Une Amourette, Yes I Do, You Or Someone Like You. 

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